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“If you think expertise is expensive…
try working with an amateur.”

Choosing expertise, experience, capacity and qualification matters.
Our Team of dedicated professionals help you make confident decisions in an ever-changing market.

Expertise & Qualifications


As world-class B2B marketing experts, our team is comprised of business professionals and analysts with extensive experience both locally and globally. Our accredited and qualified advisors determine and implement businesses solutions based on business intelligence and data-driven metrics.

As professional advisory business consultants, we offer unbiased third-party support and counsel. We are committed to delivering insightful, pragmatic advice to drive value and enhance our clients’ objectives.

Extensive backgrounds in multiple key industries with decades of strategic, business and operational planning has created unrivalled experience and techniques only available by being refined by fire and shining like gold.



As a leading edge company in the international marketplace, we solve more of our clients’ challenges faster. We thrive through:

  • Expertise, experience & market research
  • State-of-the-art data, technology tools & information access
  • Depth of market coverage, connectivity, outreach programs

Accessing a wealth of resources and a talented team that produces outstanding results, our production team ensures you realize your strategic goals, capture value and deliver growth.

We have invested over $5M in state-of-the-art precision database marketing technology and developed our geo-demographic targeting expertise.

Best Practices


Excellence is our trademark. Providing professional client-centered service, we are committed to the highest standard of personal and professional integrity. We are passionate about your goals and are driven to help you succeed.

  • We implement results-based management and accountability with the strictest protocols in confidentially, privacy and discretion
  • We work closely with you to guide your decision-making through every stage of the process
  • We execute every plan with quality and excellence – from start to finish
  • We value and implement tried-and-true business ethics: integrity, respect, innovation, excellence, collaboration, service, responsibility, achievement, commitment, discipline

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Business intelligence means making smarter decisions…

“Making business decisions without accurate and relevant data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

Our analysis ensures all the right issues are addressed, the right strategy is implemented and precise marketing processes and objectives are achieved. Our unparalleled resources and information at our fingertips increases your success. We are able to identify, analyze and access key business information that can leverage businesses for success in any business strategy, goal actualization or transaction. We move the focus from data and information to measurable results.

Achieving Goals:

Our extensive experience excels in:

  • Vision, mission and value statements
  • Goals / objectives
  • Performance & accountability measures
  • Identity & public image development
  • Competitive analyses & positioning
  • Marketing & business development plans
  • Strategic support & planning
  • Professional training & management systems

Market Intelligence Tools:

Our intelligent selection process, combined with best practices help organizations make better informed data-driven decisions, utilizing:

  • Business analytics, data analytics, insights
  • Data research, market trends, reports, data mining, economic shifts & forecasts, current market trends & value, new market opportunities, market share, growth
  • Data visualization, data tools & infrastructure.

Targeting & Reach

Our geo-demographic targeting expertise targets markets from:

  • Specific business horizontal, niche and vertical markets, key decision-makers
  • NAICS / SIC categories, industry
  • Specific location, postal code, community, town, province or region, company names, revenue, size, employees, organizational fit
  • Partner sourcing, sales channels, investors

“What we do… maximize your success..”

“A leader’s job is to look into the future & see the organization not as it is, but as it should be.”

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”


As business development advisors, we take on the challenging task of identifying strategic business opportunities for businesses in order to generate revenue. We offer innovative solutions and strategic planning across the entire spectrum of business needs that works with and for you that delivers measurable results.

Implementing data-driven metrics and diagnostics, our market intelligence consultants advise, review & assess on these key components:

  • Financial performance, indicators & efficiency
  • High levels of risk & volatility
  • Key value drivers that enhance enterprise value
  • Management team analysis & organizational changes
  • Marketplace conditions
  • Deal strategy development
  • Refinancing, working capital optimization & financial covenants
  • Cost-effective, practical solutions

Work smarter, not harder.

Save time & money with the most cost-effective solutions that produces excellent results.


Contact us today to gain the strategic competitive edge in today’s market.

  • Firstbase listened to my unique situation and then delivered concepts that worked. Their approach was simple but they dove into the project with a full understanding of what the end-goal was. And boy did they deliver! I’m very excited about the new website, the design is modern, elegant, and functional. It does everything I wanted it to do.

    Andrew Small North of 49 Naturals
  • Within 4 weeks from the launch of the inside sales activities we have quoted to qualified potential buyers over $8 million dollars and received our first order for a half million dollar project.

    Frank Hay NOMADIC™
  • A year ago I had the great opportunity to find out about Firstbase Services and what they could do for my small business. I was at a crossroad as to how to grow my business effectively so I decided to take the leap and have them formulate a plan to rebrand my product and give my company a chance to grow. Well, using Firtsbase turned out to be the best decision I ever made!

    Katherine Geiger Fraser Valley Gourmet
  • In the last 3 years, we have turned our 500k business into a 5M business it has been a ton of hard work, but it is starting to pay dividends. We also opened another company to specialize in renovations. Just want you to know we do appreciate the research and work you put into our company.

    Stefan Dahlen S&D Siding
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