Expertise, Capacity & Qualifications

Firstbase takes pride in “thinking outside the box” while attending to business basics. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional business approach that delivers innovative strategies and measurable results.

Firstbase has developed a demographic expertise to target markets from specific business horizontal, niche and vertical markets in addition to NAICS / SIC categories. Geographically speaking we are able to target a specific postcode, community / town, province / region.

In addition, our ability to apply an “intelligent selection process” to the marketing process saves time and money. This allows for precision targeting of messaging in a cost-effective manner that produces excellent results, without wasting time and effort by delivering your message at the wrong or inapplicable markets.

The skills, knowledge and qualities that Firstbase can offer include

  • Ability to work in an honest, ethical manner with fairness and mutual respect at all times
  • Ability to implement promotional and educational approaches
  • Ability to work with a broad range of business problems
  • Ability and willingness to work within guidelines/best practices
  • Ability to look at all factors affecting new product launch, including strategic planning and implementation
  • Ability to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to challenges
  • Consultation and facilitation skills
  • Strategic planning and evaluation skills
  • Interviewing and research skills
  • Communication planning and implementation expertise

Firstbase utilizes leading edge technology, professional training and management systems for each client project or communications program, including:

  • State of the art IT system with Windows Networking Platform.
  • VOIP Telephone system with capacity for teleconferencing lines, dedicated inbound lines with caller ID, messaging service for after hour calls. Full recording mechanisms in place to track and measure / improve success outcomes.
  • High speed “big pipe” Shaw Internet / Phone line access.
  • Video conferencing facilities available to provide “face time” for reporting.
  • In-house training, presentation facility space with multi-media boardroom
  • Our Customer Relations Management (CRM) system is the back-bone of our relationship management and reporting process that is Sales Force compatible.
  • A dedicated database research team to identify and pre-qualify organizations to a precise business profile, including: SIC codes, location, and size of business (by revenue and employee size) location and key decision makers by job title and job function.
  • Fully compliant with CASL and protocol to ensure compliance requirements are met or exceeded.
  • Extensive team experience in outbound and outreach programs utilizing an un-scripted process. Dedicated to educating, informing and convincing the directors and key procurement decision-makers of mid-to-large organization in a diverse range of industries.
  • 20 plus years working in the construction sector including General Contractors, Engineers (both Civil and Mechanical, Structural and Geo-technical, etc.), Sub-Trades and a myriad of supporting professional services companies.
  • Extensive experience in the oil and gas industry (including the mining sector) with primary knowledge of “up-stream” operations. This includes, exploratory drilling, remote work camps, engineering aspects and associated infrastructure facilities.
  • Detailed knowledge of the specification and procurement processes relating to the construction and facilities management areas covering all aspects including: private tender, RFP, RFQ’s, etc.
  • Knowledge of First Nations initiatives and organizational structures. We also have First Nations members as a part of our team
  • Detailed systems and procedures for tracking, measuring and managing metrics and KPI’s for each client programs
  • The Firstbase strategic approach enables the best results orientated programs available today and produces exceptional results for client projects.

Our expertise

  • Strategic, Business and Operational Planning

    Firstbase has extensive experience in vision, mission and value statements, goal / objectives, performance and accountability measures, identity and public image development, competitive analyses and positioning, marketing and business development plans as well as strategic support and planning.

  • Research Practices

    Firstbase has demonstrated exceptional research practices in several statistical, socio-economic and economic development research projects through the use of competitor (first, second and third level) and SWOT analyses, descriptive (e.g., prevalence’s, means or medians, standard deviations and percentiles, trends) and multivariate analyses, document review, semi-structured interviews and secondary data analyses (growth projections).

  • Accountability Framework

    Firstbase utilizes a results-based management and accountability framework with a serious commitment to results measurement and reporting, and as such, a blueprint for managers to plan, measure, evaluate and report on results throughout the life cycle of a marketing program or initiative.

    We successfully develop and implement the framework to ensure that clients have timely, strategically-focused, objective and evidence-based information on the performance of its policies, programs and initiatives to produce better results for the stakeholders.

  • Developing and Implementing Performance Measurement Tools

    Firstbase uses business plans to identify the critical success factors and key goals for the client/customer to focus on and do well in to satisfy client needs and succeed. From these critical success factors, performance indicators and measures are established using key performance indicators to define them into more meaningful criteria. We measure the hard data coming from the key performance indicators resulting in desirable, measurable end results to our clients, customers and stakeholders.

  • Directing Project Organization

    Firstbase functionally manages by deployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible) and managing by measuring a quantity on a regular basis and of adjusting some initial plan, and as the actions taken to reach the clients intended goal using five management functions: planning, organizing, leading, coordinating, and controlling.

  • Project Management

    Firstbase has multi-layered experience with project management for several clients using the logic model of input, activity, output and outcomes including the four elements of operational performance; relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and integrity ensuring deliverables are on time, within budget and within specifications. Our ultimate goal is to ensure cost effective solutions for our clients.

We build partnerships

Rather than getting involved in numerous one-off projects, we establish long-term Relationships with our clients and we offer an all-encompassing approach to each client’s specific business strategy and business development needs.

It is through these strategic partnerships that we become an extension of our clients’ enterprise and not simply another vendor. We work within a predefined annual budget and are fully accountable for our performance.

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