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A business diagnostic provides a practical analysis of your organization. It is a way to obtain insight into your business operations, to determine where you should set your priorities, and to define areas that need immediate attention.

What type of question does a business diagnostic address?

  • Do you have a strategy to reach your best potential customers with your sales and marketing efforts?
  • What percentage of the people you approach actually buy a product or service like yours?
  • Is your message clear and on point with your offering?
  • Are your customers happy with the service or product?
  • Is your hiring process placing the right people on the team?
  • Are all of your team’s skill sets being utilized?
  • Are your company finances and accounting records up to date?
  • Is your pricing inline with industry standards?
  • Do you know your debt –to–equity ratio?
  • What is your leadership style?

A business diagnostic is recommended for companies in highly competitive industries or those experiencing significant pressure because of an uncertain business climate, increased costs, diminishing markets, or internal challenges.

Firstbase can provide the objective discussion you need to help your business grow.

Key components of the report may include:

  • Customer profile
  • Leadership behavior and business process
  • Financial resources, expenses, cost control and profitability
  • Administration and personnel
  • Customers, revenues and sales
  • Marketing communications
  • Products and services
  • Supply chain –vendors and subcontractors
  • Management team

Our commitment is to provide you with a professional business approach that delivers innovative strategies and measurable results.

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Diagnostic Tools Can Help You

  • Discover more about your business
  • Make informed decisions
  • Guide your efforts
  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Improve your sales & profitability

Visit our Resource section to download Firstbase’s Business Diagnostic Guide.

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