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What is Database Marketing?


Database marketing is step one in direct marketing initiatives and campaigns. Direct marketing uses databases of customers to generate targeted lists for direct communications.

Once built, databases allow businesses to identify and contact customers with a relevant marketing communication. Such databases include:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Websites
  • Industry
  • Addresses
  • E-mails
  • Company names
  • Revenue

Why Database Research?


Data is valuable. The more useful market research and data available, the more effective the campaign. Such data comes from a number of sources. Many businesses collect data as part of a typical business transaction.

Once lists are collected, verification is required to ensure the lists are up-to-date. This is a process that has to be done regularly to ensure the lists are always accurate. Our market intelligence skills and abilities to research, discern, qualify and target geodemographically achieves the best results for your business.

What is Database Engineering?


Data must be transformed. It goes through a transition where it must be scrutinized and prepared for analytical or operational uses.

Data has multiple layers of complex information to be utilized to extract actionable insights. The purpose of intelligence analysis is to reveal to a specific decision-maker the underlying significance of selected target information.

It is analyzed to accurately and efficiently guide your decision-making process. Target campaigns are then produced with these analytics.


How does business intelligence & profiling work?

“The purpose of information is not knowledge, it’s being able to take the right action.” ~ Peter Drucker

Our B2B market research, marketing intelligence, data expertise and technology provides geo-demographic data profiling to identify the right target organizations and connect with pre-qualified suitors for the best fit. We undertake industry specific communication in a myriad of categories that stretch across regional, national and global markets.

Data Types:

A few data types gathered and utilized by Firstbase for data intelligence applications:

  • Business performance
  • Online analytics
  • Data mining
  • Processing
  • Economic shifts & forecasts
  • Current market trends & value
  • New market opportunities
  • Customer insights

Precisely Identifying Companies:

We are able to precisely identify strategic targets by a range of selection criteria, including:

  • Specific business sectors
  • Revenue size & employees
  • Country, location & address
  • Cash flow and EBITA profile
  • Organizational fit
  • Market size, segmentation, competitor analysis
  • Partner sourcing services
  • Market entry strategies, market concentration, market share & growth probability

Global Reach & Outreach Programs:

  • Strategic Buyers selected by industry category, niche and vertical markets
  • Financial Buyers, Private Equity Groups, Private Buyers & Wealthy Entrepreneurs
  • Comprehensive database of global companies
  • Foreign direct investment, international buyers including: USA, Europe, China, Middle East, Australasia, South America
  • Licensing, franchising, strategic alliances
  • Sales channels
  • Exit & Divestitures, Acquisitions

Gain the audience your business needs…

Reach those customers, sectors, vertical and niche markets you couldn’t reach before

Data-driven business and market intelligence increases your revenue and grows your business.


Our in-house marketing agency, professionals and facilities provide you with unrivalled global marketing access and international introductions.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing Programs
  • Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Digital Multi-Media Communication Programs
  • Branding Solutions
  • In-house Creative Design and Print
  • Outreach Programs
  • Geo-demographic Intelligence
  • Sales Channel Development
  • CRM Integration & Management

“There are only 2 things in a business that make money…
innovation & marketing – everything else is cost.” ~ Peter Drucker

Most companies lack the internal resources to undertake effective marketing services on their own.
Firstbase has invested over $5M into a market-leading B2B database information and technology.
Welcome to the new business era of new and better ways of marketing. Work smarter, not harder.

Find out what the future of
B2B business marketing can do for you…


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  • Firstbase listened to my unique situation and then delivered concepts that worked. Their approach was simple but they dove into the project with a full understanding of what the end-goal was. And boy did they deliver! I’m very excited about the new website, the design is modern, elegant, and functional. It does everything I wanted it to do.

    Andrew Small North of 49 Naturals
  • Within 4 weeks from the launch of the inside sales activities we have quoted to qualified potential buyers over $8 million dollars and received our first order for a half million dollar project.

    Frank Hay NOMADIC™
  • A year ago I had the great opportunity to find out about Firstbase Services and what they could do for my small business. I was at a crossroad as to how to grow my business effectively so I decided to take the leap and have them formulate a plan to rebrand my product and give my company a chance to grow. Well, using Firtsbase turned out to be the best decision I ever made!

    Katherine Geiger Fraser Valley Gourmet
  • In the last 3 years, we have turned our 500k business into a 5M business it has been a ton of hard work, but it is starting to pay dividends. We also opened another company to specialize in renovations. Just want you to know we do appreciate the research and work you put into our company.

    Stefan Dahlen S&D Siding
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