Marketing a business requires many tools and tactics, across many channels. It requires integration, consistency and patience.

Not seeing any results? Before you pull the plug on your marketing efforts, here are three reasons why your marketing doesn’t always produce the expected ROI:


    1. Lack of integration

    Your marketing tactics cannot standalone. Email campaigns that do not coincide with your direct mail ads will lose momentum, fast.

    You must integrate all your marketing activities together. The person(s) in charge of your search engine optimization (SEO) and those responsible for creating content must work together. Email marketing campaigns should be linked with your television and radio ads.

    Distribute your marketing efforts across multiple platforms to reach and engage your customers and potential customers through various avenues.

    For example, if your company is exhibiting at a trade show or you’re putting on a community event, use PR to let people know about the event and you can live tweet while the event is running. Once the event is over, upload a video of the event to all of your social media channels and follow-up with attendees using an email campaign or social media.


    2. No consistency

    Lack of consistency can hurt your company. Sending out an email campaign occasionally, a company blog with no one truly responsible for it and a Facebook page that lacks regular posts are common issues.

    Your messaging needs to be consistent with your brand. The frequency of your content must also be constant. When it comes to marketing, especially online, most individuals have a short attention span. They may see your brand name and related content/promotion but without targeting these individuals over and over again your brand name falls out of sight while a competitor’s brand becomes top-of-mind.


    3. Out with the old, in with the new

    Technology moves fast. There seems to be a new social media platform companies want to take advantage of every few months. Launching your company on Tumblr or Pinterest because it’s new and hip isn’t always the best strategy.

    Having a Twitter account just because everyone else does, is not a sound strategy. You must first understand where your audience is online and the websites they frequent most. Before you abandon all hope on your current marketing platforms, be patient and let it mature.

Marketing your business can be tough, especially if you lack the tools and knowledge to do it right. If your company’s marketing isn’t producing the results you desire, contact the marketing experts at Firstbase Business Services, click here.


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Source: Shama Kabani, Forbes Contributor


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