A brand distinguishes your company from your competition in the minds of consumers. A recognizable brand ensures your company is top-of-mind.

Below are three attributes that are crucial to branding your small business:

    Business name

    If you’re just starting out or considering a complete overhaul of your company, pick a company name that is relevant and meaningful.

    Rather than trying to come up with catchy or cool brand names, focus your efforts on selecting a name that is easy to remember and gives some idea of the type of products/services you offer.

    Business logo

    A business logo is a simple, visual way for people to recognize your brand. If your logo can be recognized at a glance, you’re more likely to be remembered and noticed.

    Be sure to include your logo on all business communications, including letters, brochures, website, emails, etc.

    Be consistent

    One of the most important aspects of branding is consistency. Your company’s entire branding features (name, logo, colour scheme, slogan, typeface, etc.) work together to create your brand.

    Keep your message and delivery consistent, to show that your brand is trustworthy and dependable.

Branding is important for all types of business, big and small. Developing a brand image that is unique yet memorable can be difficult to achieve on your own. Outsourcing your company’s branding to professionals will ensure quality brand development.

To learn more about the importance of branding small businesses, check out this article from Forbes.com.

Source: Jessica Bosari, Forbes contributor


Inderpal Gill, Firstbase Business Services

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