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Business Valuations


There are several methods to value a business that include valuing various components of your business, including good will, tangible and intangible assets, property and management knowledge and commitment. A business valuation is a valuable tool when selling ones company.

Whether you want to sell today, or strengthen your business and unlock the value for tomorrow and grow to the next level – it’s a great place to get started.

Business Valuation Process

The business valuations methodology entails the use of up to 20 valuation methods, including: Income approach, Market approach, Cost approach, Custom methods, Deal structure analysis, “What if” analysis, as well as numerous other valuation methods and financial tools.

Business valuation is a complex task. If your valuation doesn’t consider all factors or if it uses inappropriate valuation methods, your business will be significantly undervalued.

Our in-house valuation specialists will work closely with you to ensure your financials represent the true value of your business.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion about how to make progress on the valuation of your business.

Business Valuations