Fraser Valley Gourmet

Fraser Valley Gourmet was founded in 2006. The company produces a premium Almond Butter Crunch candy. Although Fraser Valley Gourmet was producing a great product, the company lacked overall brand awareness and an effective marketing strategy.

In order to achieve the desired level of visibility and subsequent increase in sales, the company acquired the services of Firstbase to assist in the implementation of a complete rebranding program.

Fraser Valley Gourmet Website

Fraser Valley Gourmet Logo

Our Work

  • Branding
  • Business Plan

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Packaging

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Fraser Valley Gourmet Package Design
Fraser Valley Gourmet Package Completion


The new branding, packaging, and website is a vast improvement and since being launched has already yielded positive results – one significant development being that Fraser Valley Gourmet’s Almond Butter Crunch can now be found at all Save-on-Foods locations throughout British Columbia.


"The new brand and packaging is making a major STATEMENT, it is simply wonderful! The comments from the retailers are amazing…they all totally LOVE the new look!"

Katherine Geiger
Fraser Valley Gourmet