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Outbound Sales Program
The key to our client success is the fact we don’t operate a standard “call centre” noisy approach; each outbound caller has their own dedicated office space to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy on each call to build trust and fully engage the decision maker. This allows for a discreet calling environment that enables maximum customer engagement to produce the best results.

Outbound Sales Process

Phase 1: Data Segmentation

The Firstbase team will begin by conducting research into the companies from the provided data. The goal is to identify the key decision makers within the specific companies, validate the data and update any missing or outdated information within the system. This step is often overlooked and it is an integral part of the process as it allows outbound calling team members to have the correct information and focus their efforts communicated with the right personnel.

Furthermore, the data will be segmented by industry sector, region and size of organization. This enables the Firstbase individual making the call to tailor the client’s message relative to the company sector / product / service and ensure conversations are contextually relevant.

Note Firstbase has access to an in-depth and updated database which is owned and managed internally. The provided list can be cross referenced to expedite the lead generation stage of the process.

Phase 2: Business Development Team

The goal of the team is to get through the gatekeeper and communicate with the key decision and procurement contacts previously identified to qualify their interest.

The business development team are individuals trained to communicate with decision makers without a set script in order to connect with the individual. This team consists of mature, dynamic individuals who are able to relay the information and communicate the benefits, features and advantages of a clients’ product or service.

In some instances where the decision-maker has no knowledge of the client – we will email them with more information and details about the opportunities.

Phase 3: Reporting

Reporting occurs in every phase of the project. The research, lead generating and business development team all provide weekly reports of the progress to assess the traction and modify (if required) the tactics utilized.