Our Services

Firstbase successfully develops and implements results-driven campaigns utilizing a customized selection of mass media, direct marketing, and relationship building components, executed with precision by a team of specialists in a wide range of complementary disciplines.

We recognize that to effectively deliver marketing communications support our clients require a high level of expertise and experience.

We are confident that our team will bring quality assistance in:

  • The development of a combined branding, marketing, communications and outreach strategy that will effectively strengthen support of your brand with key stakeholders by demonstrating the benefits of your services and addressing misconceptions
  • Provide marketing communications tools that increase awareness and drive qualified leads
  • The creation of a detailed plan that supports all aspects of the overall strategy
  • The operational implementation of this plan
  • An evaluation of the plans results

Key Outcomes and Benefits – after the implementation of our programs:

  • Increased awareness and visibility
  • Improved brand clarity and distinction
  • Increase awards from bids ratio
  • Better conversion rates
  • Effective targeting and messaging to your target audience
  • Improved differentiation of your core services
  • Increase diversity of sales and more profitable jobs.
  • Create a strategic advantage over the competition

Firstbase takes pride in “thinking outside the box” while attending to business basics. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional business approach that delivers innovative strategies and measurable results.

Marketing High Level Process