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Human Resources

People are your most important asset

Finding quality employees can be a challenge, managing them effectively can be even more challenging. Many businesses don’t have the capacity or expertise to manage employees properly.

The results can include high employee turnover, job dissatisfaction and customer attrition. More than 95% of the Human Resource decisions you make have legal implications. Talk to an expert.

Firstbase Human Resource Solutions

Many businesses have found balance by outsourcing their HR needs to the management experts at Firstbase. Let us help you create a more effective and efficient working environment.

Some of our core human resource services include:

  • HR Systems and Processes: Having proper systems and processes in place ensure that all employees know and understand the company expectations.
  • HR Training: Often crucial HR mistakes are made simply due to a lack of training and knowledge on best practices. Management training will provide you with innovative skills and strategies for employee retention and talent development.
  • HR Recruitment: The effort that is necessary to recruit qualified candidates can be a drain on your resources. Firstbase uses a systemized recruiting filter method designed to recognize qualified individuals while screening out less qualified candidates.
  • Employee Dismissal: We are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency in our clients’ operations. While dismissal is usually a last resort, it has to be handled professionally and be compliant with Canadian employment law.

Outsourcing your Human Resource services to a management expert like Firstbase ensures that you will receive unbiased opinions on how to increase efficiency in your business. We have experience in a number of different industries and have implemented solutions and strategies designed to increase your bottom line.

Human Resources